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Submitted by Tahmina Ansari

Volcano’s…a weird name for a restaurant right? Oh wait I left out the full name, “Volcano’s - Steakhouse and Ribs”. Yes you heard me correctly an ALL Halal Steakhouse and Ribs restaurant located in Bankstown, Sydney. Whether you’re a hard-core meat lover or just a fan of the classic juicy steaks and ribs, then Volcano’s is the spot for you.

Entering the restaurant for the first time, I was expecting a country ranch style look for the place, instead I was pleasantly surprised. Volcano’s has a very modern yet classic look, including an all wood atmosphere mixed with a fusion of deep charcoal colours and bright reds. The cool tones mixed with the wooden tables and dim sky lights provide for a warm and very calm atmosphere. The restaurant was not busy at all for a Sunday and I was greeted instantly by a cheerful waiter who welcomed us to our table. There were many seating options including sitting outside under the natural light, sitting inside and sitting in classic booths. We chose to sit in the classic booths and I have to say that was a bad choice. The seats were uncomfortable and the table was a little too far from the seats making it hard to enjoy your meal. The dim lighting provided a nice atmosphere for the restaurant; however the lack of lighting made it difficult to see the food and made me quite sleepy.

Volcano's has an array of choices on the menu, ranging from your basic buffalo chicken wings, to a selection of salads, from tantalising burgers, to the classic steaks, seafood, chicken and ribs, it truly does cater for all. The restaurant caters for families, providing a kids menu which is fairly reasonably priced at $9.95 a meal. For all the brothers who aren’t conversationalists, Volcanoes have flat screen TVs with the boxing channel, which will keep you preoccupied. Unless you’re a hard-core fan of boxing, for most sisters the boxing provides very little entertainment and leaves you with very little conversation, dampening your dining experience.

Since I’m an adamant meat lover, I decided to try the famous Volcano Steak Burger and chips, costing me $16.95. I decided I needed something to tie me over until the main meal arrived so I ordered a cheesy garlic bread platter. This entrée arrived quickly, around 5 to 10 minutes to be exact. As the pleasant waiter placed the 3 pieces of cheesy garlic bread on the table, the hot swirls of smoke released the smell of fresh mozzarella cheese, herbs and crispy bread. One bite of this entrée and I knew I had picked a winner. The bread was warm, soft and crispy around the edges, while the cheese had melted to perfection. At only $5.95 a plate this entrée truly was worth every dollar.

Now I was ready to take on the steak burger. The waiting time was not long at all, around 15 minutes since we ordered the food. Instantly I picked up the burger and took a big bite. The tender, juicy steak mixed with a smoky BBQ sauce, Swiss grilled cheese, tomato, lettuce and fire grilled onions welcomed my tastebuds. The burger was a little messy to eat however the steak was very juicy and tender. The hot chips on the side were a good complement to the classic steak burger. The serving size was quite large, and certainly succeeded in filling up my empty stomach.

I also tried the slowly cooked Ribs for the first time and felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The ribs were covered in a Smokey BBQ sauce and were very tender indeed. The plate of Mash and vegetables on the side were a good combination with the ribs; however the vegetables had very little flavour and were undercooked. The waiters were very helpful, assisting you in your every need with a very agreeable nature. The highest priced item on the menu was the scotch fillet (350G) priced at $42.95. Volcano’s is quite pricy, therefore I wouldn't suggest going to this restaurant regularly, unless of course you can afford to.

Volcano's Steakhouse and Ribs truly is an experience that every meat lover must undertake at some point. Even if you’re not a big red meat lover, there are many other options to keep your taste buds satisfied. If you’re a family looking for a good hardy meal or you’re a wife looking for a good way to surprise her husband, or even if you’re just a group of brothers wanting some excellent meat, then this place is definitely for you. You truly do get a “Volcano Experience” when you dine at Volcano's.

Volcano's Steakhouse and Ribs
Address: Shop 1/4 West Terrace, Bankstown, NSW, 2200
Phone Number: 02 9709 2227

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