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May 25

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Writer : Citra Masjhur
Photographer : Hanggara Masjhur

Spending time in a mall going shopping can be so exhausting. At least, you need a little time to relax your feet from buzzing around the mall and suddenly you remember that you haven’t had lunch. Then, why not hit the food court? After spending some money for shopping, you might be wondering if there’s any affordable meal but enough to make you full.

Situated in one of the prominent malls in Eastern Suburb, Westfield Eastgardens, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill is a Mexican fast-food with exciting menus and flavours. To be exact, it’s located adjacent to North India fast-food, on level 1. With a very attractive design of the booth with predominantly eye-catching red and green colours, it’s not very hard to find the booth. 

Salsa's - Storefront
Salsa's - MenuSalsa's - Menu

 Fortunately, there were no other people lining up when we hit the counter so we were served by a fairly friendly guy with a reasonably fast service. He said that all the beefs are certified halal accreditation and we can find the detail of nutritional info on the website. It took us quite about 5 minutes to choose the menu until finally we opted for a Burrito, a Taco with medium chips and a bowl of Nachos. Overall, the service is 3 out of 5.

There are 7 Burrito variations. However, i opted for “Original Beef” Burrito stuffed by Texan beef, coriander and lime rice, salsa fresco, cheese, ranch sauce and lettuce. You can actually choose either flour or wholemeal for the Tortilla (bread) but I prefer flour better. Also, if you love beans or you are vegetarians, the checkout guy will happily swap the meat with beans with no extra costs. From the appearance, it’s quite mouth-watering. Everything from the wrap including beef, rice and salad was fresh. Talking about the sauce, i find it’s not so special because i couldn’t taste the real Mexican salsa out of it. However, the size of one Burrito was generous and just enough to relieve my cravings. I would give 2.5 out of 5.

 Salsa's - Burritos

The two our favourite dishes are the Taco and the chips. We opted for Chicken Taco with hard shell that consisting of grilled chicken, cheese, salsa fresca, ranch sauce and lettuce. The look of this menu was fantastic with combination of lettuce and a little amount of tomato. And when it melted down inside your mouth, you can taste the perfectly cooked chicken danced with the salad and the sauce. To complete the party in your mouth, the generous slice of chips mixed with chilli powder was just amazing. The only thing we didn’t like was the size of the Taco. Admittedly, the Taco is only perfect for side dish or snack. The rate of 3 out of 5 would go for these two snacks.

 Salsa's - Burritos Closer Shot

We were disappointed by the Macho Nachos we picked. The appearance was less appealing. Although, it has Texan beef with cheese and salsa fresca also dressed by frijoles and sour cream, the taste was far from our expectation. The flavour from the sauce came out rather weird on our tongue. Thus, we’d give 1 out of 5.

 Salsa's - Nachos 

To sum up, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill offers various ranges of Burritos, Nachos, Tacos, Chips and Quesadillas. For only less than 30 bucks for two people, you can take your hunger away so the shopping time can be continued. Overall, the fast-food menus are good for hunger buster.

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