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May 6

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Sunday, 6 May 2012 10:54 PM  RssIcon

Review by Tarik H.
Photos by Erhan B.

The House of Thai Bankstown - Lighting

You know the saying picture perfect? When something in real life looks so faultless that it must be a photograph – one that was meticulously designed and taken in prime circumstances? Walking into the House of Thai gave me that feeling. They’ve selected tasteful artwork and a mix of traditional and modern lighting. The seating area is long and generous, with cosy booths along the south wall and standard Thai style stained timber tables and seats along the north wall. The north wall is made up of large window panes, opening up the space. We visited during the evening, which is why the lighting was so noticeable, but I expect these windows would allow a good amount of sunlight in all day long. 

The House of Thai Bankstown - Interior

The House of Thai is currently one of a kind and has only been open for one year. Staff are extremely friendly and demonstrate passion for the job. Their conversations (which unfortunately could be heard from our table) revealed camaraderie which I feel is important between staff to create a tranquil atmosphere for their guests. The menu is large and presents all the dishes you would expect from a Thai restaurant as well as a few that represent a mix of cultures. Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the venue and service.

Disappointingly, the jug of water offered to us had a distinctive “tap water” taste - the bad kind. Luckily I had brought my own bottled water, but this is something that should be addressed. I suffer from the same chlorine intense tap water at home and can sympathise. It’s unfortunate but can be fixed with the installation of a cheap filter.

The House of Thai Bankstown - BBQ Chicken

We went for a dish for direct comparison with what we tried at Thai Hutt: the BBQ chicken. It was definitely of superb quality, presented as a half chicken with skin and a mix of vegetables, all marinated in a dark sweet and savoury sauce. I find no fault whatsoever in the dish but the drier, skinned, chicken strips we had at Thai Hutt was more attuned to my taste. Regardless I would recommend this dish.

The House of Thai Bankstown - Pad See Ew

Our second choice was a Chinese influenced flat rice noodle classic – the Pad See Ew. For the price you almost can’t believe the quality of the food you get at the House of Thai. These two dishes, topped off with a plate of rice with satay sauce, left us lost for words while savouring every last portion.

The House of Thai Bankstown - Pad See Ew 2

Having had a long and hungry day we opted for one chocolate and one caramel fried ice cream. Admittedly something that’s difficult to get wrong, we’d made up our mind about the House of Thai and took our reviewing hat off for dessert.

The House of Thai Bankstown - Fried Ice Cream

Whether you want quality, service, or budget dining, the House of Thai has you covered. Their enthusiastic staff informed me that a website is on its way, which means this place is only going to get busier, so get in while it’s still on the hush. Definitely a restaurant to keep an eye on!

Summary of Orders:

BBQ Chicken + Satay Sauce ($16.00)
Pad See Ew  ($13.50)
Rice ($2.00)
Fried Ice Cream ($6.00 each)


The House of Thai - Bankstown NSW
465-469 Chapel Rd, Bankstown, NSW, 2200
Ph: 02 8764 0319

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