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Melbourne City is known for its diversity in food and beverages.  You can easily find a Thai restaurant neighbouring a Jamaican coffee shop next to an Italian pasta joint.  So what happens when you’re out to eat with a bunch of friends and you all want different cuisines?  You hit the food court of course!

Located on Level 2, in Melbourne Central is their new and improved dining hall.  Here you will find everything from pasta’s to curries to burgers.  Burger Edge is located on the North side of the hall and is everything you’d expect from a great fast food joint – great service, a variety of options and value for money.

The manager in charge is a lovely Indonesian man named David.  David was more than happy to describe the different burgers and meals available as well as show us the Halal certificate and his receipt from Medina Halal meats.  The franchise is 100% Halal and helps out the Muslim community by advertising different Islamic events and lectures, as well as holding a donation box to help build a new local mosque.

Burger Edge - Original Edge Burger Meal

The burgers variety include everything from original, porterhouse to specialising in different marinations from all over the world – such as ‘the Greek feast’, ‘the Mexican’, ‘the hula’ and ‘the Bombay bash’.  There are 20 different burgers to choose from, all with different salads, marinations and seasonings.  The beef used is extra lean, preservative free and is flame grilled.  The chicken breast fillets are skinless and also flame grilled; making Burger Edge one of healthiest choices on the fast food market.  All the burgers include a fresh salad mix of gourmet lettuce, tomato and red onion.

The kid’s combo is $8.50 and includes your choice of prime beef or chicken breast served on mini bread buns with cheese and tomato.  The meal is accompanied by a generous serve of chips, a canned soft drink or water.

There are three different breads to choose from; sourdough white, sour dough wholemeal and Indian naan.  Gluten free bread and Tortilla wraps are also available.  The buns were fresh, soft and delivered daily, also unlike other fast food places, it actually tasted like bread!

A small combo is $4 (which was very filling), and a large combo is $6; both combos include chips and a drink.  The chips have a variety of seasonings; sea salt, chicken salt, Mexican, Tuscan and parmesan and oregano.  For an extra 70 cents you have choose a dipping sauce; Burger Edges own Aioli (must try), tomato relish, sweet chilli mayo, tomato and barbeque.

I opted for the ‘original edge’ burger, consisting of Prime beef, salad, relish and aioli.  Waiting time was roughly 7-10 minutes, and you can see your burger being made fresh in front of you. The burger was mouth watering; I definitely recommend this over Oporto’s, halal McDonalds and Nando burgers.  Everything from the salad to the meat was fresh and Burger Edge’s special sauce was amazing.  The size of the burger was very generous, again much larger than many of the other fast food places.

The chips were, to sum it up, PERFECT.  They were thick, rectangular cuts and beautifully seasoned.  The serving was more than generous; I ordered a small size, but this would be equivalent to a large in other restaurants.  There were no duds; all the chips were perfectly cooked; not too oily, not too dry.

Burger Edge - Onion Rings

The onion rings were also a generous serve, I actually couldn’t finish them; there were about 10 in the pack.  They ranged in different sizes and were fried well; very crisp and crunchy.

Overall, a very positive and enjoyable visit to Burger Edge in Melbourne Central.  If you’re in the city by yourself or with a group of friends, looking for a healthy alternative – definitely try out Burger Edge.

Burger Edge - Melbourne Central
2nd Floor Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Ph: 03 9663 3881

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