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Apr 25

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Review by Tarik H.
Photos by Erhan B.

  Most people know the “Flame” trademark from their largely successful restaurant in Campsie, which offered large portions for cheap prices – especially on Tuesdays. Based on this success the owners have focused their target market by opening a “gourmet” version of their Campsie shop. They’ve done well in selecting the location and venue. The new restaurant is situated in the Muslim hub of Bankstown on the corner of Restwell and Stanley Street. The venue dwarfs their previous restaurant in size and has all the hallmarks of a professional steakhouse fit out. There’s a choice between wooden chairs and sofas, with generous spacing between tables. The openness and solid flooring unfortunately causes a reverberation of sound, creating a busy atmosphere, but this also allows one to speak at liberty without fear of being overheard – or more accurately, understood.

Flame Gourmet Bankstown - Exterior

We opted to sit on the sofas and found them to be the perfect firmness for one to establish himself in preparation to tackle a decent piece of meat. An open wood fire oven with enthusiastic chefs borders the customer seating and tempted us to jump straight to the gourmet pizzas section of the menu. The most striking aspect of the menu is the steep prices, which didn’t come as a surprise as their decision to add “gourmet” to their name has certain cues associated with it. Their version of a mixed plate, called the “Carnivore’s Delight”, requests a whopping $65 for a single serving ($90 for a two person share). While this is what we were inclined toward in order to sample a large selection of their meats, the price couldn’t be justified in our eyes.

Flame Gourmet Bankstown - Pollo Cordon Bleu

We decided to give the chef the fairest assessment we could by ordering both of the “Chef’s Specialty Dishes”. These were the “Pollo Cordon Bleu” (chicken) and the “Veal Involtini” (each for $29.00). Selections are highly customisable based on your taste, as two sides can be chosen from chips, salad, vegetables, mashed potato or rice. We tried the salad, vegetables, mashed potato and rice and were more than satisfied with their quality. The mashed potato took first place, followed closely by their broccoli.

Flame Gourmet Bankstown - Veal Involtini

The staff were polite, respectful and helpful; and we had absolutely no problems with the service (very, very rare). The orders came extremely quickly and while being simplistic were well presented. The delicate work (another distinction of the term “gourmet”) was clearly in the preparation of the meats. The chicken was tender and was rolled in smoked turkey, bocconcini cheese and fresh basil. The veal had similar treatment but with an insert of pastrami rather than the turkey. We found the flavour of the turkey got lost in the chicken, and the flavour of the veal got lost in the pastrami. Portions look reasonable for a steakhouse, but are surprisingly filling, a sign of high quality ingredients.

If your mouth waters for intricately designed and detailed meat, and you’re happy to transfer a few kilos from your wallet to your waistline, look no further. I’ve experienced green (recently opened) restaurants in the past, and it’s usually the service that needs a bit of maturing. With Flame Gourmet Steakhouse, Pizza and Ribs, service is exceptional, but the price we paid composed expectations that just weren’t met this time around. Ultimately, their menu has a huge amount of diversity, and those “gourmet” pizzas may just be enough to tempt us back again someday.

Flame Gourmet - Steakhouse, Pizza and Ribs - Bankstown
52 Restwell Street
Bankstown, NSW
Ph: 02 9790 2173

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