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Apr 12

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Located in the heart of a suburb with predominately Lebanese and Turkish population, it’s no wonder that Roxy kebab’s specialises in Turkish cuisine.  The restaurant is easy enough to get to as it is just off Pascoe Vale road, and conveniently provides customers with a large car park.

Roxy Kebab - Interior

Unlike most Turkish restaurants, Roxy’s interior design is much more modern, the manager Muhsin Tercon has opted for a large central water feature and an ‘electric-shock’ styled chandelier.  The walls hold a large plasma television and a fish tank on the opposite side.  With dimmed lighting, Roxy creates a fine-dining ambience, but with more affordable prices.  

The menu offers a variety of Turkish dishes, dips, soups, pides and desserts, as well as offering a children’s menu with lower costs and smaller portions.

Roxy Kebab - Chicken Doner

The servings are available in small and large, and although there is not much of a price difference between the two, the small portion is actually quite filling.  The food is exquisite, with generous servings and true Turkish herbs and seasonings.  The meat is succulent, well cooked and the fat is trimmed off.  Prices range from $10 to $20 per main meal, and most are accompanied with salad and rice.  The rice served is known as Pilav, which is traditional fried Turkish rice.

Roxy Kebab - Chicken Shish

The restaurant offers complimentary Turkish bread upon arrival and waiting time is approximately 15 minutes.  It is highly recommended to book in advance for dinner, as they do get quite busy and may run out of certain meats.  Additionally, upon ordering, request that the meals be bought out together, as there can be a ten minute difference between the first meal arriving and the last meal arriving; not very pleasant for families who start their meals together.

Roxy Kebab - Mixed Doner

Roxy Kebab’s is very family-friendly; there are high chairs available on request and table sizes vary from 2 seats, to 10 seats (although the staff will be more than happy to accommodate a larger group).  The staff is very cheerful, happy to help and for majority of the night, there is always two staff members placed to roam around and refill water and bread.

Roxy Kebab - Iskender

I recommend the Iskender meal, but request to have the doner on rice rather than bread.  This meal was cooked to perfection, presented on a sizzling hot plate and accompanied with salad and yogurt.

 Roxy Kebab Cafe & Restaurant
1A-2/10 Reservoir Drive, Roxburgh Park, VIC, 3064
Ph: 03 9309 2001

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