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Pizzaland Greenacre - ExteriorPizzaland Greenacre - Interior

Pizzaland is a halal pizzeria that offers pizza, pasta and steaks. It is halal Italian at its best for those Sydneysiders who live in the humble suburb of Greenacre, a suburb not too far from Bankstown.

Pizzaland was easy to find and sits next door to Al Aseel Lebanese Restaurant. The sound of a generator or refrigerator filled the air as we walked inside. Small, squared paintings hung on the red painted walls as arched shaped glass in the shape of windows filled the walls. The ceiling was speckled white with ceiling lights, which added a warm ambience to the setting. Two men sat quietly eating lunch while the waitress was busily attending to a task. I made our presence evident and she swiftly showed us the way to our table of choice.

Pizzaland Greenacre - Garlic Bread

We were handed menus and left to ponder over our orders. We commenced with an entrée: garlic bread ($4); 6 pieces of sliced French bread smothered in garlicky butter. The taste met what it had targeted to do however possessed a hard and flaky texture.

Pizzaland Greenacre - Pizza

For mains, we ordered the small Veggie Supreme ($10), a vegetarian delight of red onion, olives, eggplant, tomato and mushroom. The pizza was packed full of vegies but overpowered by the olives. Pineapple was added to the pizza however this extra surprise ended up working well in balancing the saltiness of the dish. We also ordered the Pizzaland pizza ($10) as well as a Penne Napolitana ($12). The Pizzaland pizza was an easy-to-eat pizza laced with mushroom, tomatoes, olive, cabanossi, pepperoni, feta cheese and mushroom. I ordered pineapple as an extras topping. The pizza tasted fresh and balanced; nothing overlapping in taste and nothing pungent.

Pizzaland Greenacre - Penne Pasta

The Penne Napolitana was a tomato-y combination of tomato sauce, herbs, and garlic. Olives had been mentioned in the menu however couldn’t be spotted. The dish was extra al dente. The time it took to receive all of our orders was clocked at 25 minutes.

The menu requires an upgrade, with some of the ingredients in our dishes differing to what was anticipated when we placed our orders. 

Toilet facilities are available on site however is shared with neighbouring restaurant Al Aseel. For a quick snack, head over down to Pizzaland Greenacre.

Pizzaland Greenacre
Shop 3/173 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre, NSW, 2190
Ph: 02 9750 7770

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