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Mar 30

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Review by Tarik H.
Photos by Erhan B.

Thai food has taken off in recent times and Thai Hutt is one of the many restaurants offering fully halal cuisine. It entered the market as one of the earliest players eight years ago with its Bankstown outlet. Success followed with them receiving “Best Thai Restaurant” in 2006 and “Thai Taste of the Year” in 2007. Five years ago they opened shop in Lakemba and our destination today is their most recent franchise in Auburn.

Thai Hutt Auburn - Exterior

When you arrive you're greeted by a fusion of western and eastern décor. Although the seats could have been more comfortable – being wooden blocks – they were fitting to the atmosphere. Seating is limited but are spaced at appropriate distances from each other. The intermittent fan noise in the background - which was very noticeable even at the furthest table - detracts significantly from the aural experience, but overall the atmosphere is authentic and well presented.

Thai Hutt Auburn - Interior

The waitress was calm and professional, taking our orders promptly. Food arrived within 15 minutes and was extremely well presented. My friend and I decided to share the Curry Puffs entrée for $8, having two Puffs each. The Puffs definitely ignited our appetites, with their crisp outer wafers and soft, delectable interiors, I highly recommend them.

Thai Hutt Auburn - Curry Puffs - $8.00

Our two mains came within a minute of each other. The Red Duck Curry came first, for the reasonably priced $13.50, featuring a perfect blend of meat, vegetable, and curry. We were slightly disappointed with the fact that rice was not included with either dish, but this leaves more room in each plate for the order.

Thai Hutt Auburn - Red Duck Curry - $13.50

Our second main was the BBQ chicken, also priced at $13.50. The quality of the chicken was noteworthy and the chef once again achieved a delightful balance of flavours. The two dishes also complimented each other well and are a testament to the flexibility of the Thai cuisine.

Thai Hutt Auburn - BBQ Chicken - $13.50


Thai Hutt offers excellent location, décor, and food selection. Prices are reasonable and staff do their job well. If you're looking for a place for a quiet chat you may be disappointed with the noise of Auburn Road on one side and the range hood fan on the other, but with all orders exceeding our expectations I don't hesitate to recommend Thai Hutt to any lover of the cuisine.

Thai Hutt Auburn - Menu


Summary of Orders:
Dish Price
Curry Puffs $8.00
Red Duck Curry $13.50
BBQ Chicken $13.50
Steamed Rice $2.50

Thai Hutt Auburn
20 Auburn Road, Auburn NSW 2144
02 9643 2263



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